Atlanta Indian Idol 2014: R & R

 Click here to download a pdf version of the Rules & Regulations and Consent Form

  1. Who can compete?
    The contestant is open to ALL.
  2. Group
    The competition will be held for two groups based on age:
    1. Junior Group: A candidate must be between the ages of 12 and 17 years as of the day of the Championship Round (March 22, 2014) to enter the competition in this group.
    2. Senior Group: A candidate must be at least 18 years old as of the day of the Championship Round (March 22, 2014) to enter the competition in this group.
    3. A contestant can compete only in one group.
    4. A “Letter of Consent” signed by the contestant (or by the contestant’s parent/legal guardian for juniors) is required to participate. (See Appendix A for consent form and details).
  3. Song Genre
    Songs performed must be a HINDI song from a “Bollywood” movie.  In this context a Bollywood movie is defined as a film produced by the Mumbai film industry and the song has Hindi as the primary language.
  4. Competition Venue and Attendance
    1. Qualifying Round: The Qualifying round will be held at the ICRC Auditorium located at 1281 Cooper Lake Road SE, Smyrna, GA 30082. Out-of-station contestants can compete in the qualifying round remotely.  Please see Section 5 for more details on  "Remote Auditioning".  
    2. Championship Round: The Semi-Final  and Championship Rounds will be held at Georgia Tech’s “Ferst Center for the Arts”, 349 Ferst Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30332 in front of a live audience.
    3. All room, board and traveling charges to and from the competition venue must be borne by the contestants and the organizers will bear no responsibility to provide them.
    4. All contestants MUST report to the competition program coordinator at the respective venue per the scheduled notified to them.  Late attendance may be grounds disqualification.
  5. Remote Auditioning
    1. Although we prefer that contestants attend the qualifying round audition in person, out-of-town contestants may wish to compete remotely for the qualifying round.
    2. A remote contestant will send an audio file of his/her performance following all guideline in section 8 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by February 1, 2014
    3. A maximum number of 10 remote contestants will PRE-QUALIFY from each group as defined in section 2.
    4. The pre-qualified contestants will compete live via Skype during the qualifying round competition. The actual date, time and connection details will be notified by email to the contestants who prequalify. It may not be possible to re-schedule the Skype session. 
    5. Atlanta Indian Idol and its organizers are not responsible for any technical or quality issues related to remote auditioning. 
    6. If qualified, remote contestants must agree to compete in person during the Championship Rounds at their own cost. Please see Section 4 for more details. 
  6. Qualifying Round: Selection Method and Criteria
    1. Candidates will compete based on the Selection Method and Criteria laid down in Section 8.
    2. Contestants will be scored based on the scoring rubric laid down in Section 9.
    3. A MAXIMUM of 10 contestants will qualify from each group defined in Section 2. This will include remote and In-person contestants. 
  7. Championship Round:  Competition Method and Criteria
    1. Candidates who qualify from the Qualifying round will compete based on the Selection Method and Criteria laid down in Section 7.
    2. Application and registration for the Qualifying round is valid for the Championship rounds of the competition.
    3. Contestants will be scored based on the scoring rubric laid down in Section 9.
    4. The overall score will determine the Champion, 1st Runner-up and the 2nd Runner-up from each group as defined in Section 2
    5. Championship round may comprise of multiple stages and may require singing more than one song.
  8. Selection Method and Criteria
    1. For each round and stage of the competition, a contestant will be required to sing one song of his/her choice.
    2. Maximum duration of the song including prelude, interlude and ending music can be 4 minutes.
    3. Contestants may sing to “Karaoke” music.  The music track (in standard CD format and standard MP3 format) must be made available to the on-site program coordinator on the day of the competition.
    4. The organizers will have in-house audio system to play the track music. Instruments (e.g., Electronic Tanpura, Guitar, Keyboard, etc.) will be allowed as long the instrument is played / operated during the performance by the contestant and no other performer is involved.
    5. A contestant may choose to perform without any instrumental or track accompaniment.
    6. Karaoke tracks cannot have dominating vocal tracks.  For example, karaoke tracks with additional voices may not be allowed and may be grounds for disqualification.
    7. A setup time of 2 minutes (maximum) will be allowed per performance.
    8. Slips/notes/lyric sheets for rendering the song will be allowed ONLY during the Qualifying round.  Slips/notes/lyric sheets will NOT be allowed during the Championship round.
  9. Scoring Rubric
    1. A panel of judges will individually score a performance based on the following criteria:
      1. Tonal Accuracy
      2. Sense of Rhythm
      3. Lyrics
      4. Tonal Quality
      5. Diction, Articulation & Pronunciation
      6. Mastery & Overall Presentation Style
    2. Judges will be allowed to comment but not reveal the scores they have recorded on the scoring sheet provided.
    3. Judges will also rank the current performance based on all previous performances.
    4. For the Qualifying Round, the judges’ score will have 100% weightage.
    5. For the Championship round, Audience Favorability Factor (AFF) will also be considered. The methodology for determining the AFF will be announced prior to the Championship round.
    6. For Championship rounds, the overall score of a candidate will have two components
      1. Audience Favorability Factor
      2. Judges’ score
      3. The weightage of each of the two factors will be announced prior to the competition.
    7. In case of a tie, the average of the judges’ rank of the candidates tied will be considered.
    8. The methodology for aggregating the judges' score will be announced prior to the competition rounds.
    9. In all cases the decision of the Judges’ Panel will be final.
  10. Registration Fee
    1. All contestants are required to pay a registration fee to enter the competition. The applicable registration is $10 for juniors and $20 for seniors as defined in Section 2.
    2.  Registration fee can be paid online at (Please click the “Contestants” menu on the top menu bar.)  Print a copy of the receipt and bring it with you to present at the registration desk on the day of “Qualification Rounds”
    3. The deadline to register is Saturday, February 15, 2014, 9:00. PM Eastern Time.
  11. Prizes
    1. Each participating singer will be presented with
      1. An attractive souvenir for participating
      2. Certificate of Participation (against request in the application form)
    2. Attractive Prizes will be awarded to the Champion, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up from each group outlined in Section 2.
    3. The top contestants from both categories will be provided with opportunities to sing in various IACA programs throughout the year.
    4. It is very likely that one of the Indian media channels will cover the program and may open up opportunities to participate in other national and international programs.
  12. Legal
    1. AII will have the right to all the performances and may decide to use audio/video/images from the competition for promotion and publicity at their will.
    2. AII has the right to amend rules of the competition at any time as they may deem necessary.
    3. All participants agree that they shall treat the judge’s decision as final. This is one of the major conditions on which contestants will be allowed to participate in this contest.

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