Our Finalists

We have our finalists for the Atlanta Indian Idol 2014 Contest!

Congratulations to our finalists! It is not easy to pick finalists from a talented pool of participants. We do not envy the judges at all. In the end, the unanimous decision was as follows:

JUNIOR GROUP: Finalists in alphabetical order are:

 1. Anusha Anand
 2. Pujita Gorti
 3. Rahul Nana
 4. Sanjana Rao
 5. Tanvi Raj

SENIOR GROUP: Finalists in alphabetical order are:

 1. Atanu Das
 2. Bhisma Oza
 3. Janhavi Telang
 4. John McDonal
 5. Nikita Patel
 6. Raka Das
 7. Rathasri Mahesh
 8. Samir Siddqui
 9. Shyam Gupta
10. Syed Husani

To all our contestants who did not make it this year, remember this is not the end. You are all musicians at heart. You are now a part of the Atlanta Indian Idol family and we wish you success in all your future endeavors. We certainly hope to see you at during the finals on March 22n. (Please contact us for your show ticket.)

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