Atlanta Indian Idol 2013: Qualifying Round

After 2 days of audition on March 24th and March 31st, our eminent judges – Sujata Rayburn, Dr. Kakali Bandyopadhyay and Dr. Raktim Sen, have shortlisted 12 finalists for the Senior Idol contest and 6 finalists for the Junior Idol contest. It was a challenging task to select 18 better singers out of 76 good singers.
Now the show starts to pick the three best singers in each category.
We thank all the singers for their enthusiastic participation and request them to be present on 4/27 for the stage recognition.  

To all who didnt make it, remember this is not the end but the beginning of a spectacular future which IACA will be proud to have been associated with. Cheer up OUR IDOL family. Wishing you success in all your future endeavors. See you all on April 27th. Your presence will add the unique dimension to the program.
You can see the pictures and listen to tracks of the finalists in this group in the coming days.
Next 22 days are going to be exciting..Join the Rush..
List of Finalists in Alphabetical order –
:: Akshaya Gandapodi
:: Anu Romesh
:: Kuheli Mitra
:: Navya
:: Sanjana Rao
:: Sridha Abayanathan
:: Ajay Madwesh
:: Anand Mehta
:: Bhishma Oza
:: Deepa Basvaraju
:: John Macdonal
:: Namita Jain
:: Raj Bharatapur
:: Samir Siddique
:: Sandeep Kowtha
:: Shyam Gupta
:: Swati Mishra
:: Trisula Siripurapu

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